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Thursday, December 21, 2006 

Turpen Tries/Fails to Kill Damaging KFOR Story

Oklahoma Political News Service sources say former Attorney General Mike Turpen conducted a frantic effort to kill a KFOR story that ran Tuesday night which brought forth shocking allegations against current Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

Ironically, Turpen, who is a regular political commentator on KFOR programming, failed to stop reporter Ali Myers' report, which ran nearly ten minutes.

The story alleges that Edmondson and others in the AG's office committed outrageous abuses of power, including harassment and firings of employees to further his controversial poultry lawsuit.

Turpen, whose firm made millions representing Edmondson in the state tobacco settlement, is also involved in the poultry lawsuit, and stands to reap millions more if Edmondson prevails in those proceedings.

So why did a Turpen risk his reputation to try and thwart the 1st Amendment. Sources tell OKPNS to follow the money. "If their poultry scam is unmasked, it'll cost Turpen millions. He's just plain freaked out that his own station would do this."

The broadcast represents a huge setback to Edmondson and Turpen, who up until last night's report have avoided any serious journalistic inquiries into their lawsuit. The poultry industry's inept public relations and legal campaign, in combination with arguably one of the worst press corps in America, had worked in Edmondson's favor. But all that changed last night. Sources say Myer's report will give the press and reluctant policy makers the courage necessary to investigate the troubling reports that many have heard about for years, but few have investigated.

Update: The story can now be viewed and read on the KFOR website.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 

Insiders Question Speaker's Appointments

Party insiders tell Oklahoma Political News Service they are questioning new speaker Lance Cargill's appointment of Rep. Doug Cox to chair the Health Committee and Rep. Ron Peters to chair the Human Services Committee. Both are pro-choice members of the Republican Caucus. The tip line recently received this comment:
"Why after such hard work over the past two years to get pro-life measures passed in the Senate and on to the Governor's desk; it's interesting that the new gop speaker would make those assignments."
OKPNS will continue to invstigate.


Posted at 12/19/2006 08:40:00 AM |
Thursday, December 14, 2006 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Oklahoma Politics

The Oklahoma Political News Service is back from sabbatical! Daily updates on news, happenings, and rumors is resuming and we’re introducing “Looking Ahead,” a weekly series highlighting what the future might hold for Oklahoma politicians and policy. As always, if you have any stories, leads, rumors, or commentary it is always welcome. Just e-mail the Editor at Our series starts with a look at former Speaker of the House Todd Hiett. After being defeated by Jari Askins last month in the race for Lieutenant Governor, many speculated he would be quick to jump back into politics. However, according to a story in the Sapulpa Daily Herald, Speaker Hiett remains undecided on what is next for him. Read the full story here.

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